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Redscape owner, Rick Eisenmann and Rita.

In business since 2011 and backed by 20 years of breeding experience, we breed healthy, happy puppies. We provide a health guarantee with all of our poodle and doodle puppies.


Redscape is a small operation where the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Our dogs are loving, friendly, and well adjusted. Some live in the house. They play in a 3/4 acre, fenced area, are fed the best, and loved the most. Our miniature poodles and miniature Labradoodles are family members and their puppies are marvelous family treasures filled with love and fun.  

We have shown in UKC where no professional handlers are allowed, groom our dogs ourselves (and we are not pros), and have great fun! We do not put our dogs on the professional show circuit as we prefer them to be at home with us and live in a more casual lifestyle.

All our puppies are home and hand-raised. We do not sell dogs for breeding except to breeders we know and our puppies go to wonderful pet homes. Our poodle puppies have limited AKC registration (meaning no breeding rights).

The dogs in our breeding program are tested for hip dyspepsia, legg-calve-perthes (LCP) and patella (knees), DNA tested or parent-cleared for progressive blindness inherited disease (PRA-PRCD), and see a veterinary ophthalmologist to be CERF tested. Results are posted on the OFA website.

Our Story


Find a friend for life at Redscape Miniature Poodles. Based near Tucson, Arizona. We sell adorable, fun-loving puppies.

There are few red poodle breeders in the country and we are the creme of the crop. The majority of our dogs are champions and have extensive health testing, which allows us to offer a great health guarantee and provides you peace of mind, knowing your companion will have a long and healthy life.

We strive to create red miniature poodles and to do so, we breed red to red. Color breeding is the only way to get shades of red from dark red to light red and dark red apricot. 

Our poodles and Labradoodles are non-shedding dogs and allergy-friendly, which makes them perfect for people who hate dog hair everywhere and those who suffer from allergies.