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 Sahuarita AZ 



This is a contract between Richard K. Eisenmann, the Breeder, and John Doe, the Buyer, for the purchase of a male, miniature poodle to be a pet with no breeding rights.

Date of birth 5/7/17

Dam: Redscape Elizabeth Regina

Sire: Rennie’s Talyn of Redscape

Price:  $2200

Vaccinations & Worming: Puppy received DAPPv vaccination on 6/30/17, 7/23 and 8/8. Last wormed on 8/8/17.


HEALTH GUARANTEE: The Breeder gives a limited guarantee to 1st birth date for serious, health-threatening congenital defects and a limited guarantee to the 5th birth date for serious, health-threatening inherited defects. In the rare instance that an inherited or congenital defect should occur, buyer must consult with Breeder and buyer’s vet must consult with Breeder’s vet for a remedy for Breeder’s warranty to stay in effect. Breeder will be responsible for paying up to half the cost of any medical remedy from a congenital defect (up to the age of 1) or a heritable defect (up to age 5), but only with Breeder’s vet’s concordance for the treatment. In no case will the Breeder be responsible for paying more than the purchase price of the puppy. If your dog should die of a heritable or congenital defect, a death certificate and pathology report need to be submitted to Breeder and Breeder’s vet. The Breeder is never responsible for shipping.

Other illnesses can occur that are neither congenital nor inherited. Cancer is an example. Eating a toxic plant or licking antifreeze is an example. Diarrhea is an example.  Eating dental floss or rubber bands. Dogs are living animals and, as such, can become ill through an incident or just randomly. Breeder is not responsible in any way, financially or otherwise, for “regular” illness, only congenital for up to 1 year and heritable for up to 5 years.

Buyer Agrees to take Their puppy to Their vet within 10 days of receipt so vet can give explicit instructions for puppy’s care as well as ensure puppy is in the best of health. Remember, puppies are very prone to parvo and other contagious illnesses until they have all their shots.

Buyer must not expose puppy to other "unknown" dogs until puppy is fully vaccinated.

Buyer’s vet will determine the schedule of puppy’s shots. Rabies is usually given at 4 months but never when another shot is given. Bordatella is only used if boarding or doing doggy day care.

Poodle puppies often have life-threatening reactions to the LEPTOSPIROSIS vaccine and if buyer allows puppy to be vaccinated for this, it is at his own risk and this contract’s Health Guarantees are void.

If on puppy’s first visit to buyer’s vet he/she diagnoses the puppy to be seriously ill, vet will consult with Breeder’s vet for treatment as ALL PUPPIES LEAVE REDSCAPE IN SOUND HEALTH. Should both vets concur that puppy needs to be returned, Breeder will refund purchase price but buyer will be responsible for all vet and transportation costs.

Buyer further agrees to spay/neuter no earlier than 6 months (or contract guarantee is void) or no later than 10 months of age.

Buyer will contact breeder if puppy becomes ill prior to accumulating large veterinary bills, in accordance with the health guarantee part of this contract.

Buyer also agrees to take loving care, feed high quality meat-based food, provide fresh water and exercise in the form of a fenced back yard or multiple daily walks. Poodles have lots of energy. Therefore, poodle puppies can't be crated for 8 or 9 hours a day while owner is at work. Arrangements for a noon walk or yard romp will need to be made until your puppy is more mature. Buyer agrees that puppy will be primarily a house dog with an abundance of human interaction, as a poodle requires this. Buyer acknowledges he has bought a puppy and puppies are still liable to chewing or other behaviors that could be destructive so buyer will provide toys (never rawhide or Greenies) as well as supervision, to ensure puppy does not eat things that could cause puppy to be ill, including toxic plants, dental floss, etc., and also ensure puppy does not destroy things. This is all buyer’s responsibility as a caring and mature pet owner.

Buyer further acknowledges puppy is not house trained. Buyer agrees to take puppy to his vet yearly for a routine physical examination, and to provide the veterinary care that is necessary as deemed by his veterinarian.


Diet: Puppy currently eats Wellness Complete Health Puppy dry and Whole Earth Farm’s canned puppy food mixed with raw ground turkey and water. It is important to feed a low carbohydrate/grain dry food if dry food is fed. This is what you are looking for in dry food-Grain Free. Puppy can eat raw chicken with bones, as he/she matures. This helps keep teeth clean. Raw meat is very, very good for dogs. It is the bones from cooked chicken that splinter and can get lodged in a dog’s throat.


Though challenging for first 3 nights, it is imperative that you crate train your poodle puppy. This will teach puppy that you decide when puppy can and cannot be with you. Also helps it learn to hold its bladder. When you leave the house for several hours, put puppy in the crate. At night, put puppy in the crate. Puppy must not think it can live 24/7 in your company or it will drive you nuts. Puppies must be socialized and I highly recommend a 6 week obedience course at PetSmart or Petco or anywhere, starting at 14 weeks. A dog that never sees other people or dogs and never leaves the house becomes a very isolated and odd dog that barks constantly at anything strange. They will then be overly protective and not like your visitors either. Buyer realizes that poodles need to be brushed and combed several times a week and groomed every 8 weeks minimum. Nails must also be ground with a Dremmel tool or cut. If you hear the nails on the floor, they are too long. buyer can clip or have puppy's coat clipped in a short clip to forgo brushing. Breeder discloses and buyer acknowledges that apricot and red, as almost all Poodle colors, pale over time, so the puppy color you see will not be the puppy's color at 4 months as they lighten and/or darken for approx 6 months nor will they be that color at 4 or 5 years of age. There is no way to tell at what age a poodle will pale or to what color.

The Buyer understands that red poodles go through changes in their coats and that their original red color will fade to apricot or gold by the time they are 2 or 3 years old.

Buyer will never place puppy in a pound or shelter, but only in a loving pet home, should buyer have to place puppy. Buyer will make arrangements with relatives or other suitable persons for puppy’s care should buyer become unable to care for puppy, as poodles have been known to live a long life. Buyer will contact breeder to help buyer find a suitable home if buyer needs to do so.

By signing this, Buyer agrees they have read and fully agree to the terms of this contract.

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