Rick Eisenmann is a conscientious, caring dog breeder. All of the dogs are happy and healthy, sharing their home with Rick!! I was looking for a wonderful poodle, and have found the " girl of my dreams" in a recent litter. I urge anyone looking for a poodle, Labradoodle, or Maine Coon kitten to make an appointment to visit this fantastic kennel!! This man knows what he is doing. My puppy is just one example of how to breed animals!!! The rest of his animals prove my point!!


Pam Carr

Sonoita, AZ


Just wanted to write a quick note to say that our first month with Watson (Plato) was fantastic. Spencer and I are absolutely in love with him. He is a very good little pup with a ton of energy! He fits into our household quite well. We are definitely looking forward to when he is totally housebroken, but so far so good! Thanks for an awesome dog! 

Maura Pape,

San Fransisco, CA

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